A loan at the post office


We usually associate e-mail with letters and parcels, but nowadays we can also use banking services in its outlets. They are offered by Bank Polinower SA, which was founded in 1990.

Bank Polinower SA is a commercial bank whose shareholders are Porteya and Knort. It deals with the provision of financial services in a wide spectrum for individual clients as well as for micro and small entrepreneurs. We can use the bank’s services in Polkadot outlets as well as in our own outlets. Thanks to this, Bank Polinower has the largest distribution network in Poland.

Initially, Bank Polinower dealt with offering settlement services for enterprises and local governments, but gradually began to expand its services also for retail clients. Currently, he offers a wide range of proposals for his clients – bank accounts, deposits, loans and credits. We can also use internet banking.

Loans and loans at Bank Polinower

In Bank Polinower, customers can take advantage of various loan and credit offers. We have a cash loan for any purpose, mortgage loans and home loans, mortgage consolidation loans, as well as a simple Post Office loan. This last offer is very popular because it allows you to get quick cash directly in the nearest post office. As a result, it is an attractive alternative to non-bank loans – payday loans, installment loans.

Post Office loan – what is worth knowing?

Post Office loan - what is worth knowing?

The presented installment loan is intended for people who want to receive quick financial support. It is offered in a post office window, where we submit an application, enter into a contract and collect money – all in one visit. A loan can be obtained at any post office – addresses can be found on the Bank Polinower website.

The Post Office loan allows you to borrow up to PLN 3,500 per statement. Repayment takes place in the period from 3 to 48 months. The interest rate starts from 2.99%.

In order to get a loan you only need an ID card, which is why it is a very attractive offer for anyone who needs fast financial support. The bank checks clients in debtors ‘databases, so if we have debts or bailiffs’ debts, we will not be able to receive financing. In the application, we will also have to provide more accurate information about income, which is why when we are unemployed, we may have a problem with obtaining a loan.

If you are looking for another cash loan that will tell your needs fully, check out the Antery installment loan now. For our clients, we have prepared an attractive offer of online loans up to PLN 10,000, with repayment spread even for 24 months. You can submit an application now.

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