Month: May 2019

What is the credit rating?

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Role of credit rating or creditworthiness The predicted property of a debtor to meet future payment obligations in full and on time is called credit rating or creditworthiness . A loan represents a risk for a bank to pay in the form of the loan interest rate. A repayment of the debtor (person who gets […]

A loan at the post office

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  We usually associate e-mail with letters and parcels, but nowadays we can also use banking services in its outlets. They are offered by Bank Polinower SA, which was founded in 1990. Bank Polinower SA is a commercial bank whose shareholders are Porteya and Knort. It deals with the provision of financial services in a […]

How to read loan documents?

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  Getting a loan is no problem at present. All you have to do is write the application and even on the same day you can have the money you need on your account or in your own hands. One when taking loans many Poles make the same mistake – we do not read the […]