Welcome to OpenInterface!

The OpenInterface project is dedicated to multimodal interaction. We are currently facing a vast world of possibilities for interaction modalities going beyond the screen-keyboard-mouse (post-WIMP). Everyday objects can take part in the interaction in ubiquitous computing including an augmented table and the user can freely switch from one modality to another one according to her/his context: running in the street, at home, in front of a big screen in an airport, etc.

Facing the vast world of possibilities in terms of interaction modalities, the project aims at design and development of an open source framework for multimodal interaction: the OpenInterface framework .

The OI framework enables us to quickly explore different interaction possibilities. It allows multimodal user interfaces to be created more quickly, enabling rapid prototyping and therefore more iterations as part of an iterative design method for achieving usable multimodal user interfaces. The graphical environment of the framework called OIDE, (Openinterface Interaction Development Environment) allows us to assemble components in order to specify a "pipeline” defining a multimodal interaction. The figure on the right shows a simple example of a pipeline for combining speech commands with a pointing gesture.

The framework currently includes various interaction devices including the SHAKE, the Wiimote, the iPhone, the Interface-Z captors, and several toolkits including ARToolkit and the phydgets. Multimodal interaction can be developed for PC applications as well as for mobile phone applications. We welcome new interaction modalities, the framework is open source and it supports various programming languages. Do not hesitate to contact us !

The project is developing selected scenarios to illustrate the power and benefits of the OI framework (to showcase the framework ) and in particular we focus on:
- navigation in large information spaces such as a map (multimodal interaction in GoogleEarth)
- games, since games are intrinsically multimodal and the first commercialization of many user interface innovations appeared in games.

To attain our goals, the project relies on the complementary expertise of the OI partners . We are a European consortium (EU IST FP6-35182) of 5 industrial partners and 5 academic partners. But of course we also rely on the participation of external partners to increase the set of interaction modalities supported by the framework and to use the framework for developing innovative multimodal applications: so please do not hesitate to contact us and/or attend one of our events !


Download the OI framework from the "OI Tools downloads" section